Monday, 31 August 2015

No More Diabetes

What if you could say goodbye to diabetes without giving up your favourite foods?

We all know the main feature of diabetes is a high level of glucose in the blood.  Limiting carbohydrates  in the diet is often seen as helping to lower that level.  

The school of thought is that the current obesity epidemic is likely caused by eating too many carbs and that whatever our weight, eating less carbs would probably be beneficial anyway.  If being overweight is an issue then reducing carbs is the best method for many.  A low carb, high protein diet often brings significant results for the relief of type 2 diabetics.

So does that mean you can never eat carbs again? 


The researchers who wrote in the British journal "Nutrition" listed twelve points supporting the lowering of carbs in our diets.  However, check out this 3-step method to destroying diabetes that lets you eat your favourite foods!

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